Baggage Handler
The tracks contained in "Baggage Handler" are a schizoid bunch of DSP, rhythm, melody and noise that at times are reminiscent of "Unmastered Device" and at other times are a total departure from it.  A different process was used to create a lot these tracks helped in part by a new computer. Hmm, Mhz equals fun.  Putting these tracks together was pretty liberating at times and brings me closer to what I imagine. I've been playing a couple of these tracks live in different incarnations for a while now and it was nice to finally pin them down into something I feel good about. This release captures the mood (s) of the past year or two which means more long (and short) dark (and absurd) and moody songs full of the frantic and subtle sounds that put my brainwaves in their proper cycle. Maybe they'll work for you too...and once in a while even propel you to dance.
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