Music that seems to have been realized through a collective will to recreate the space you dreamt about when you were cold and alone longing for time to spend with friends in an outdoor opium den on the moon. An envelope made of fur and xanax inhalant to sooth your tired mind and weave your dreams out of the tightly wrapped intricacies of daily life and into a flowing rythm of warm colorful smiles and the revelatory sensation of being in the moment without tension... of having all your time be your own but somehow not being alone.. .of staring into the dark and sharing unspoken thoughts of warmth and joy with the person next to you while sound flows through your pores and infects every last cell with subtle positivity that clings to you upon every listen...
Chill for LIfe

1. Carousel Begins
2. Enjoy Life
3. Trust
4. Waiting To Breathe
5. Aquira
6. truthful ways*
bonus track by M. Mehdi)
all tracks composed and produced by Mr. Goldfish
vocals on 'Trust' by Jianda Johnson and 'Aquira' by Mrs. Goldfish

Creative Commons License