Demo Submission Policy:  Please send your tracks to  Make sure you include your contact information on the actual recorded material.  It would be a tragedy if we loved your stuff but had no way to tell you.  Any relevant info we should be aware of, like press packs, can be included, but is not necessary as we believe the music should speak for itself.  
We listen to every demo in as timely a manner as possible.  If we like your demo you will definitely hear from us.  If you don't hear from us don't be put off.  We're a picky bunch and can only release so much material per year.  We believe in quality not quantity..
If you are in any way involved in the media, be it a high-school newspaper, radio, print or the web, and are interested in reviewing our music or interviewing one of the outrecords artists then inquire here
For all other inquiries and for bookings contact admin
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