Sijjin Illiyin
Wise explorations and traces of Goa Trance are present in this formidable album of M. Mehdi. The author transports us in an interminable interplanetary travel between infinite chromatic shapes and fascinating oneiric liveries. These digital stimulations with warm rhythms, are suited to both bodily or mental flights. Techno-experimental processing alternate with more classic psychedelic beats, with abundant effects and loops. The first part of the production is characterised by oriental atmospheres, ethnic incursions, and fluctuating exotic trends. More classic electronic structures in the second part of the album, in which are present female voices, could be classified as experimental and meditative. The end of the CD more and more fascinating and intriguing, iridescent medicine for the body the mind and the spirit where cathartic constellations bewitch the senses. More than an hour of ecstatic listening!
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