vinyl mastering session with RIchard Simpson Los Angeles Ca

Born at Pune, India, 1945. On completion of studies and training in Drawing & Painting started career as a Freelance Graphic Designer in 1968.
raku fired mask, turquoise eyes 12''by14''
A train in Wroclaw, Poland, makes tiny ripples in Tenaya Lake, USA, un-detectable by modern apparatus.
by Adam Joyce
Klansoff CD release party oct. 19th 2002 TJ Mexico
Luna See -  May 16th 2003 - Anza Borrego Desert 
Censored jan19th 2002 at Galoka, la jolla ca
photos by Fasha
Black and White - March 13th 2004
Los Angeles Californina
picts from various shows and desert outings 2004
Sir  LIfe and  Horace Grant, Vocal Recording Session w/  M. Mehdi  March 15th 2004
Chlorophyll sept 10th 2002 at The Pirates Den, san diego ca, Photos by Angel of Pseudo-Tripp