"Many people do not realize that musical instruments are really mechanical... but now electricity is beginning to show amazing musical possibilities, which will ultimately be realized through the use of electrical musical instruments."
- smpl from doc on Leon Theremin -

The concept of this album regards The Slow Crawl of humanity since the industrial revolution. Although we have advanced technologically in leaps... it is in this experiment of noise, sound design & music that Razor Noise presents us with the notion that our psychological and spiritual evolution is sorely lacking behind science and technology. He accomplishes this with machines, instruments and mutilated soundscapes, which makes this album an ode to our inner neo-luddite and a  technological  soundtrack to the continuation of humanity's senseless destruction of itself and our mother planet. This album is purposefully not separated into various tracks as it is meant to be listened to in whole. 
- Music composed, arranged, performed & produced by -
Razor Noise

(copyright 2014)
The Slow Crawl
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